What is this all about?



What is this all about?


we are a competing team  in the ibm watson ai xprize

The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE is a $5 million global competition challenging teams to develop powerful Artificial Intelligence(AI) based applications and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with AIs to tackle the world’s grand challenges.

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our challenge  

Shared understanding is important to get to the truth, solve large and complex problems, and create good public policy. Brexit and 2016 US elections highlighted that voters hadn’t understood the wider conversation and were shocked by results. Technology is amplifying the effect of biases (e.g. half of US adults get news on Facebook) and 5 billion more people will come online in the near future, so we need to address the issue quickly...

Our contribution

What if you could tell, just at a glance, a little more about that article that you’re about to click on? How does it fit into the wider online conversation? Is it more positive than other articles? Is it more conservative? Is it more or less speculative? Or is it right in the middle, whatever the “middle” might be for that particular topic, at that particular point in time?

This is our challenge - to objectively and systematically assess news articles and other content, relative to everything else - and bring that context straight to the reader wherever they may be, in an easy-to-digest form. I

our tools

We are developing a range of solutions to provide better context, to help people make more informed choices.

For media consumers

  • browser plugins and APIs to layer on additional context for news articles
  • websites to link to other sources and provide additional perspectives

For advanced users e.g. researchers

  • organized content and search functionality
  • deep analysis of articles with advanced analytics on bias

For media producers    

  • APIs and tools to pre-assess articles before publication
  • data and research on consumer trends